Love is all over Santorini and the Aegean Sea!

Couples from all over the world choose Santorini to whisper sacred vows to the breezes of the sea and have the unique caldera as background, as the sun sets and colours the horizon in all shades of red and blue. This is the point when the Spicy Bites gets into the celebration.

Lights. Smiles. Fun.
From rich buffets to finger food, delights to nibble, to a complete reception, we are ready to take care of all the details of your food and service.
You can choose from our menus the one that suits your tastes and gastronomic desires.
You can create a tailor made menu by adding or removing dishes and tastes.

We have suggestions that cover a real Santorinian and Greek menu, tastes from all over the world as we love preparing Indian or Thai dishes, and the latest trends like the Bowl Food!

We love surprises, do you?

We like taking our food out of the comfort zone after all, the unique beauty of Santorini and your beautiful stories of love inspire us to offer more.

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How we do it
Meeting your highest expectations through an original, inventive and unforgettable experience in Santorini, is what we specialize in. We can adapt our menus – clearly inspired by the local specialities of the island – to your own special preferences. You can choose within our proposals the type of the cuisine, the set up and the style of your wedding party or reception. Making sure that your guests are going to have the best time ever, demands careful planning down to the last detail, so that the whole event or party has your personal touch.

Are you wondering how we are doing all these things? The procedure is simple and it goes like this:

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First Bite
It all starts from your request. From then on, we are in charge of everything. Your desire is our inspiration. We are going to share our passion with you, to create a unique menu that fits your requirements in the best possible way. We guarantee that, you and your guests are going to enjoy every single elegant, gastronomic bite you will have during your wedding or special event.
Second bite
After creating the menu, we will invite you to taste the flavours you chose. We will go through an important procedure to adjust them exactly to your very own preferences. We want you to be happy and stress-free on your special day to enjoy every minute of it. You can choose the specific decoration of the buffets and the style of your tables and chairs within a wide variety of them.

Third bite
On your wedding day, we will be there on time to put everything in place, paying attention to all the little but important things that will make it the most beautiful day of your lives! Our friendly staff with the big smiles will provide their personal care to make sure that everything is going to work perfectly!



Ippapantis 10,
Santorini island

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